TriggerPoint Massage Ball

TriggerPoint Massage Balls

Massage balls are excellent self-massage tools for body wellness including prevention, maintenance and restoration. This self-care line from TriggerPoint family manages different types of muscles affecting different parts of the body by relieving pains, improving flexibility, mobility and accelerating recovery processes. Innovative designs include EVA foam, constructed in different layers of densities and covered with a slip resistance texture, all unique only to TriggerPoint. Massage balls offer benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy (self-massage therapy). Compact, light-weight, portable, travel-friendly. Ideal for new fitness players to endurance athletes. The range of TriggerPoint massage balls caters for individual’s different needs, to be used anywhere as and when necessary.


MB5 Massage Ball

Excellent in the relief of troubled muscles groups, MB5 massage ball is the biggest size in the MB massage ball series. Innovative designs including the use of EVA foam, a slip resistance texture, offering deep tissue compression, relieving muscles pains. Ideal in addressing muscles tightness due to repetitive movements such as sitting. Performs at its best on hard surfaces.
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Weight: 5.8 oz

Color: Multi (black, white and lime yellow)

Specification: 12.7 cm (diameter)



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Suitable and ideal for
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts with large muscles problems
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts’ prior physical activities
  • To be used at home, office, gym or on-the-go


MB5 massage ball has a 12.7 cm diameter, bigger than other regular sized massage ball in TriggerPoint massage ball series. The big surface allows deep penetration into muscles tissues, relieving tightness, restoring mobility to hard-to-reach areas like shoulders and hips.

The ball is constructed in layers of foam, made up of different densities, addressing problemed muscles of large areas, encouraging blood and oxygen flow, keeping muscles healthy for optimal movements.

The surface is very dense, yet still compresses to grip muscles tissues, releasing tightness and discomfort.

This uniqueness helps in keeping blood and oxygen flow, enhancing movements without irritating nerves like a hard golf ball or a lacrosse ball might.

The slip resistant texture functions best on any hard surfaces including floor and wall. Foam surface is easy to clean, more hygienic than cloth, suitable for repeated use. Ideal for use prior physical activities and anytime relief is required.
TriggerPoint massage balls mb5 size