Handheld massage foam rollers are excellent self-massage tools for body wellness including maintenance and restoration. This self-care line in the TriggerPoint family looks after different types of muscles affecting different parts of the body. Innovative designs include ergonomically designed handles, patented AcuGrip surface, contour technology and signature EVA foam, all unique to TriggerPoint. Handheld massage rollers offer benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy (self-massage therapy), relieving pains, improving flexibility and mobility, accelerating recovery processes. Handheld massage foam rollers are compact, light-weight, portable, travel-friendly. Ideal for individuals to athletes, catered for different needs. To be used anywhere as and when necessary.



Excellent in relieving muscles pains, accelerating muscles’ recovery processes, improving mobility and circulation, STK Grip handheld massage roller is one of the easy-to-use handhelds in TriggerPoint STK series. Patented surface and slim ergonomic handles facilitate user-controlled pressure, required for a comfortable self-massage therapy, easing problemed muscles. Ideal for individuals post workout.
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Color: Lime yellow

Specification: 5 cm (diameter) X 46 cm (length) X 0.45 kg (weight)



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Suitable and ideal for
  • Individual after workout
  • To be used at home, indoors or on-the-go


STK Grip handheld massage roller uses patented AcuGrip surface material, unique in gripping skin. This feature offers users smooth self-massage therapies, improving movements, increasing blood and oxygen circulation to muscles, accelerating muscles’ recoveries. Slim ergonomic handles facilitate the application of pressure to soft tissues in the hard-to-reach muscle knots. Rolling over problemed muscles with STK Grip facilitates users-controlled pressure for a comfortable self-massage, reducing muscles soreness, increasing circulation, fastening muscles’ quick recovery post workout. Ideal for upper and lower body including back, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band and feet. To be used while standing or seated.
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