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Perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts requiring deep muscles massage therapies pre and post workout. STK Fusion is a muscles’ recovery system that include a handheld massage stick, two stands and seven components. These seven components are interchangeable, addressing different problemed muscles at upper and lower body.
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55 cm (length) x 14 cm (height) x 17.5 cm (width)
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Color: Multi (grey, light blue, lime yellow, black)

Specification: 55 cm (length) x 14 cm (height) x 17.5 cm (width)



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Suitable and ideal for
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts with muscles problems
  • To be used at the gym


Handheld massage stick with interchangeable components including patented CHARGE rollers and spacer, can be used alone by applying pressure to targeted areas. Place the massage stick in stands and apply bodyweight offers deep tissue hands-free rolling.

Four patented CHARGE rollers replicate effective massage techniques of squeezing and stretching muscles, increasing circulation, enhancing muscles’ recovery. Two massage balls provide targeted pressure pinpointing tender spots. Spacer creates room for the spine during rolling, targeting small tendons. Apply bodyweight to the handheld massage stick placed on the two stands elevate the massage roller 11.3 cm off the ground, offers deep tissue hands-free massage therapy.

For maximum benefits, use the massage balls prior workout. Optimize the post workout muscles recovery by using customized massage recovery system. STK Fusion is perfect in addressing problemed areas at upper and lower body. Easy to clean, durable to withstand repeated use.
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