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GRID Foam Roller

Excellent in managing aches, pains and helps in the improvement of mobility. Recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, GRID foam roller is the best seller in the TriggerPoint foam roller range. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts with muscles problems or who prefer better mobility. Innovative designs include a feature enabling the GRID foam roller targets muscles groups effectively, providing different pressure in self-massage function, making it enjoyable. More efficient than traditional foam rollers, the hard and hollow core is firm and offers deep compression.
Suitable and ideal for
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts with muscles problems
  • Athletes, coaches, trainers and fitness enthusiasts who want to have better movements
  • To be used at home, indoors or during travel


GRID foam roller is the basic model in the GRID series. It has different Distrodensity zones and a three-dimensional surface that mirror a massage therapist’s hands: low and flat like the palm, tubular like the fingers, and high & firm like the fingertips. All these features help to release tight muscles, knots and kinks, improving mobility of the body. GRID foam roller can be used in three motions for quick results: rolling, spanning and stretching. The patented GRID pattern is designed to channel blood and oxygen while rolling, improving body’s circulation for muscles fast recovery. The hard and hollow core is hand-wrapped using EVA foam, making it firmer than traditional foam rollers. Light weighted as less foam is used when comparing with traditional foams, a feature that helps to protect the environment.
TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller