TriggerPoint's Deep Tissue Collections comprise of three units: TP Factor massage ball, Foundation collection and Performance collection. All three are excellent self-massage solutions or programs for body wellness including maintenance and restoration through deep massage therapies.

TP Factor massage ball, an efficient tool for deep tissue massage therapy, relieves extreme firm targeted pains, perfect for very dense muscles.

Foundation collection is a self-care kit for individuals interested in wellness, health and recoveries.

Performance collection empowers athletes in achieving optimal performances through improvements of mobility.

Products in Deep Tissue Collections are light-weight, portable and travel-friendly, offers benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy (self-massage therapy). Ideal for new fitness players to extreme athletes.


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Excellent for athletes interested in achieving optimal performances through improvement of mobility. TriggerPoint Wellness Kit, a self-care program to up fitness level. Premium equipment in the collection include two MB1 massage balls, a Footballer, a Baller Block, a Quadballer and a TP2 ball sleeve. Also included is an instruction program (exclusive access to TriggerPoint education video portal) and 2 e-guidebooks guiding athletes in managing therapeutic self-care.